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Body Balm

Vital Leaf Body Balms are whipped up with a luxurious blend of organic shea and cacao butters infused with 160 mg of organically-grown, non-GMO, high-potency CBD and invigorating essential oils per 4 oz container.

These deeply nourishing & soothing moisturizing balms soften your skin and help address inflammation, pain, and soreness with herbal formulas from Medicine Flower, an Oregon based, woman-owned ethical botanicals company. 

Available in two targeted formulas for your vitality:


Relax by Vital Leaf features a relaxing scent with a dreamy combination of lavender, sage, sweet orange, cedarwood, and frankincense organic essential oils.


Uplift by Vital Leaf provides uplifting scent featuring a pleasant combination of neroli, pink grapefruit, and cardamom organic essential oils.

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